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Cat Scratching Post-Very Important to Cats

Some experts may argue that a cat scratching post is as important to your cat’s health and happiness as food and water!

There are lots of benefits your cat will gain from clawing at these simple bits of apparatus

Such as:

  • Good exercise, it’s a great work out for your cat to claw, pull and stretch at with all its muscles
  • It helps to clean your cats claws removing any old material that may be there
  • It can make your cat feel relaxed, like getting some much needed stress relief
  • It will tempt your cat away from clawing at your precious furniture

So Why Do Cats Claw?


Cats have a natural urge to claw, they just can’t help it, and there are a number of reasons why they do it, cats have scent glands in their paws so when they scratch things it leaves behind their scent which is a way for them to mark their territory, this is very important for cats to feel that your home is their home.


Cats find clawing fun and relaxing which is important for healthy behaviour, it’s also a part of their grooming routine that keeps claws clean, sharp and strong. It’s a big benefit to your cats muscles too, the stretching and pulling with its claws will help keep his muscles limber so failure to allow your cat somewhere to scratch will result in an unhappy feline that could develop atrophied muscles and lack the suppleness every feline needs.

Why Does a Cat Need a Scratching Post?


Apart from all the above benefits your precious cat will gain it will stop them from clawing at your carpet, furniture and curtains, meaning you won’t get annoyed with your cat for something it can’t help doing.

Some people worry that the posts will look ugly or stand out from their house furniture, but there is so much choice available with regards to the material and different fabric styles meaning you will find a suitable post to blend in with its surrounding.

What is the Best Cat Scratching Post?


scratchingpostforcatsThis really depends on your preference and the amount of space you have available in your home. The most common type of cheap cat scratching post is a wooden post of about 60-90cm high mounted on a wide board to prevent it tipping and covered in a thick material for your cat to get its claws into.

These are a great cat accessory as long as it’s tall enough for your cat to stretch up on and are probably your cheapest option starting at around £8-£12.

Then you have the more elaborate option, big cat scratching posts that vary massively in size and consist of various platforms and posts for your cat to claw and climb, and some even have little hiding places for your cat to escape into and feel safe when it needs to. Or it can sleep in its own little nest of comfort.

Some of these types of posts can be so big they need to be fixed to the ceiling to keep them stable when your cat climbs around it. Now these are a lot more expensive but your cat will truly love you for it as it will never get bored and feel it has its own little paradise within your home.

Some Other Considerations to Makesisalscratchpad


Along with large scratching posts it may be wise to get some smaller scratching surfaces in different locations about your house, so if your cat is in another room from its post and feels like a scratch it has something else to go for. These can be simple pieces of overturned carpet, a piece of corrugated fibreboard or you can get some woven sisal with a loop tied in the end and hang it from a door knob for your cat to reach up and play with, or a cat tree and possibly a cat activity centre among other things.



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